- B4B Overview
 10 workshop series, Build for Breakthroughs (B4B) condensed to 1 ninety minute workshop

10 steps to raise your average sales price, increase your volume and breakthrough to your next level of luxury real estate.
1 - Mapping... where you are to where you want to be.
2 - Identify Your ideal Client
3 - Build Instant Credibility
4 - Get More Ideal Business Coming to You Now
5 - Winning Business:: The art of Asking the Right Questions
6 - Winnings Listings (at & before "the appointment")
7 - Serving the listings (selling it whatever the list price, keeping clients happy and on your side, cultivating more clients (not just leads) in the process)
8 - Client Experience (how to get them to "wow")
9 - Cultivate and Grow Your Business
10 - How to know when and how to grow... team or not and ways to structure.

Level-up your luxury business
- increase your average sale price
- increase your volume
- Breakthrough to your next level in luxury real estate