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BreakthroughLuxury™ elevates you to your full potential.

Robert Bairstow, Sotheby's International Realty

Almost a decade ago, as newer real estate agent in a career that can be overwhelming and lonely, especially if you are just starting out or reinventing your business, I met Jere. First I assisted her with clients, then joined her team, then joined her workshops and coaching (now BreakthroughLuxury™). Working alongside Jere over the years in so many capacities, I can attest, she meets you where you are in your business and elevates you to your full potential. Jere’s mindset is a breath of fresh air and frankly contagious!! She teaches you to think big picture and large!! BreakthroughLuxury™ will give you the tools to ensure your clients experience the best possible you. You will not regret your investment in yourself and with Jere’s guidance your business, just as mine has, will elevate exponentially. Closed $45 million in 2021

BreakthroughLuxury™ tripled my business year over year

Bridgett Posey, Sotheby's International Realty

“ After years of dedicating myself to various training programs, I was not getting the results I desired or hitting my goals. When I implemented Breakthrough Luxury, my business tripled and is still going strong. I highly recommend the BreakthroughLuxury Workshop to all Realtors who strive to take their business to the next level.” Closed $55 million 2021

Actual steps for results.

Lisa Bennett

I have worked with almost every coaching platform offered to real estate agents. BreakthroughLuxury is the only coaching that gives you actual steps to achieve the results and tools and resources to ensure you have what you need to reach your desired goal easily. When I started coaching with Jere I knew I wanted to be successful and sell beautiful homes. Now I know exactly what my goals are and I achieve them. Year over year I elevate my goals and know how to reach them and when and how to elevate them to ensure I continue to grow to reach the goals I desire.

From piecemealed to leveled-up and thriving.

Tracy Patterson, Sotheby's International Realty

“A real breakthrough that brought my mindset and my business to new heights. Before Jere I just couldn’t figure out how to structure or fix my team that had already kind of piecemealed together by default. Working through the ‘BreakthroughLuxury™️ Workshop,’ it became clear exactly how to adjust my current team and when to bring on new team members to truly grow my business to fulfill my mission to my clients and my vision for success .” Closed $35 million 2021

In such a highly competitive arena I feel very fortunate to have Jere in my corner!"

Tom Abrams, Sotheby's International Realty

"After retiring from Bloomingdales as Operating Vice President and ending a 30 year career in high end luxury working for such names, Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, B. Altman & Co. etc. I launched into my new career as a designated high end service oriented real estate agent. In my third year I was selling in the Top 5% of sales volume as measured by the Atlanta Realtors Association and acquired my Broker’s license. As a corporate VP and leader I have always been passionate about my career and quickly learned to avail myself of the best tools for success. In real estate one of my best tools is Jere Metcalf Partners. Jere is a dynamic force in the industry and has a hands on approach to coaching that is second to none. She empowers, motivates, encourages and helps to create clarity around my vision for success. I highly recommend Jere Metcalf partners. In such a highly competitive arena I feel very fortunate to have Jere in my corner!" Closed $10+ million 2021

BreakthroughLuxury™ provided me the guidance and steps to bring “The BIGGS Experience” to new heights.”

Keith Biggs, Sotheby's International Realty

“I met Jere when I called the sign of one of her listings for my first multimillion-dollar Buyer and the first multi-million dollar deal of my career. The energy on the phone that day and through out the deal was incredible! I just wanted to be around her! I followed her around like a little puppy. She just threw nuggets of goodness at me like candy. Jere is free with giving her knowledge and pouring goodness into you. That was just the start. Working with Jere through her BreakthroughLuxury™ workshops and coaching opened my eyes to what I have to offer the Luxury Real Estate Industry. BreakthroughLuxury™ provided me the guidance and steps to position myself to continue to grow in my passion for delivering exceptional service and to bring my business to new heights. Jere provided me the guidance and steps to bring “The BIGGS Experience” to new heights. Thank You Jere!!” Closed $10+ million 2021

Exactly what I needed.. not the same old of coaching in our industry...

Craig Dodd, Sotheby's International Realty

"For so long, I was copying and imitating other more successful REALTORS®. This course tapped into the best version of me to achieve and exceed levels of success I previously believed weren’t possible for me.” Closed $55 million 2021

BreakthroughLuxury™ is Life Changing.

Michelle Harris, Compass San Francicso

“The little stuff is the big stuff,” as Jere always says. I felt like I already knew Jere well just listening to her podcast, ‘Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It’, a podcast that is a free subscription already proving more value than any of the workshops and memberships combined that I had previously tried. While I didn't think she could possibly offer still more value, taking the ‘BreakthroughLuxury™️ Workshop’ revealed for me exactly the ‘little stuff’ I needed to change and how. BreakthroughLuxury™️ and working with Jere have completely transformed my career. The clarity and shift in my business from knowing exactly how to handle difficult clients, to winning and negotiating big deals, to building the team that is right for me, has been not only career changing but life changing.” Closed $50 million 2021